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Speak Elvish!

Elvish greetings


 A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting  Elen sila lumenn omentilmo
 Greetings ( everyone )  Vedui' ( il' er )
 My heart sings to see thee  Cormanin lindua ele lle
 Pleasure meeting you  Saesa omentien lle
 It has been too long  Nae saian luume'





Farewell   Namaarie
 Until then  Tenna' san'
 My heart shall weep until it sees thee again  Cornamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'
 Sleep well  Quel esta
 Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet  Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva
 Until next we meet  Tenna' ento lye omenta
 Fair winds  Venya sulie





You did well   Lle ume quel
 You are beautiful  Lle naa vanima
 Your heart is that of a lion  Cormlle naa tanya tel'raa
 You are a skillful bowman  Lle naa curucuar




My favorite


 Go kiss an orc Auta miqula orqu 
 I hate you  Amin delotha lle
 Your head is empty  Dolle naa lost
 Cowardly dog (s)  Nadorhuanb (rim)
 Son of snakes ( dishonest person)  Utinu en lokirim
 You smell like a human  Lle holma ve' edan



Common questions


 Why?  Mankoi?
 Why do you want to know?  Mankoi lle irma sint?
 Who?  Ya?
 Do you speak elvish?  Lle quena i'lambe tel' Eldaile?
 Do you promsie?  Lle vesta?
 Do you feel well?  Lle tyava quel?
 Do you want to dance?  Lle merna salk?
 Do you yield?  Lle lava?
 What's your name?  Mani naa essa en lle?
 How?  Sut?
 What are you doing?  Mani naa lle umien?
 Do you need a drink of water?  Lle anta yulna en alu?
 Do i know you?  Amin sinta lle?
 Are you finished?  Lle tela?
 Are you joking?  Lle lakwenien?
 Are you ready?  Lle desiel?
 Do you need help?  Lle anta amin tu?
 Why are you here?  Mankoi naa lle sinome?
 What is it?  Mani naa ta?
 Long journey?  An lema?



Common exclamations


That hurt!   Tanya awra!
 Stop ( that )!  Tampa ( tanya )!
 Look!  En!
 Eek!  Yee!
 Help ( me )!  Tua ( amin )!
 Ah!  A!
 Run ( for it )!  Rima ( ten'ta )!
 ( It's a ) trap!  ( Ta naa ) neuma!
 Oh!  Aiya!



Common commands


 Follow me  Khila amin
 Give it to me  Ona ta a'amin
 Hide  Nurta
 Be silent  Lina
 Go away  Kela
 Come here  Tula sinome
 Don't kill ( it/him )  N'ndengina ( ta/ho )
 You go first  Lle auta yeste'
 Hurry  Asca
 Camp here  Estolada sinome
 Don't worry  Uuma dela



Other common phrases


Have a seat   Hama sinome
 Good luck  Quel marth
 I'm sorry  Amin hiraetha
 I agree ( with you )  Anim weera ( yassan lle )
 Thank you  Diola lle
 You decieved me  Lle wethrine anim
 Your choice  Detholalle
 My pleasure  Seasamin
 My bow shall sing with your sword  Cuamin linduva yassen mergrille
 I love you  Amin mela lle
 I will go first  Amin nauva auta yeste'
 I don't care  Amin uuma malia
 I am your servant  Amin naa tualle
 Don't look for trouble, it will come to you  Uuma ma' ten' rashwe, ta tuluva a' lle
 hold this for me  Kwara sina ten'amin
 Welcome my friend  Creoso, mellonamin
 We will defeat them in battle  Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor
 That was not good  Tanya nae n'quel
 I don't understand these humans  Anim n'rangwa edanea
 I am worried about ( him/her/then )  Amin dele ten' ( ho/he/sen )
 I shall treasure your gift in my heart  Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin
 I know your strength in battle  Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor
 I yield  Amin lava
 I wish to speak  Amin merna quen
 If you wish  Manka lle merna
 I thought they would never leave  Amin nowe ron n'kelaya



Positive endearments


 My love  Melamin
 My beloved  A'maelamin
 My champion  Aratoamin
 Friend of my friend  Mellon en mellonanim
 Wise one ( s )  Hodoer ( ea )
 My lord ( familiar )  Heruamin